Pre-Owned Acoustic Grand and Vertical Pianos

Purchasing a pre-owned acoustic piano is a challenge and we're here to help. There are good ones, representing a terrific value for the money, and then there are those that are sure to disappoint. Most of the pre-owned pianos that we sell come from trade-ins. Before a trade is accepted, one our piano technicians inspects the instrument using a 120-point checklist. On the entry level instruments, finish issues are usually left as-is, to keep the price low. On the mid-level and higher-end pianos, the instrument is serviced and finish issues are repaired.

We have a 100% Trade Value Protection policy on our used instruments. If you buy a used instrument from us, we will apply 100% of the purchase price when you trade up withing 5 years to a new piano. Please contact us for details on this special program!

Our pre-owned pianos have to meet our standards so they can provide the best value for your piano needs!

All trademarks used herein are property of their respective owners. All products are subject to prior sale and may not be available at any given point in time. We try to update as reularly as possible but sometimes a piano has already found a new home.

Grand Pianos

Story & Clark Model 165A 5' 5" Grand in Hi-gloss ebony with Sapele Mahogany accents

S&C 165A hi gloss ebony with Sapele Mahogany accents


Baldwin Model L 6' 3" Grand in Satin Walnut

Baldwin L in Satin Walnut


Mason & Hamlin Model B 5' 4" Grand Piano in Satin Ebony



Baldwin R 5' 8" Grand in Satin Ebony

Baldwin R in satin Ebony


Kohler & Campell 4' 8" Grand in High Gloss Mahogany

Kohler & Campbell 4' 8


Broadwood and Sons 6' 6" Bichorda Grand - Rosewood built in 1851

Broadwood and Sons Grand

contact us for a price

Young Chang G-185 6' 1" Grand in Hi-gloss ebony

Young Chang G-185 in Hi-gloss ebony


1875 Steinway Square in Rosewood

1875 Steinway Square in Rosewood Sorry This Instrument Has Been Sold

Vertical Pianos

Steinway 1098 45" Studio Piano in Satin Ebony

Steinway 1098 in Satin Ebony Sorry This Instrument Has Been Sold


Kawai UST-6 in Satin Mahogany

Kawai UST-6 upright in mahogany Satin Sorry This Instrument Has Been Sold


Schimmel Model 116S in Polished Ebony

Schummel 116S in Ebony Polish


Wurlitzer Model 2762 in Satin Oak

Wurlitzer 2762 in satin ebony Sorry This Instrument Has Been Sold


Baldwin Hamilton Model 243 in satin Walnut

Hamilton 243 in Walnut Satin Sorry This Instrument Has Been Sold


Wurlitzer Studio Model 2960 Studio in Oak

Wurlitzer Studio in Oak


Wurlitzer 2725 Console in Walnut satin

Wurlitzer Console Studio in walnut satin Sorry This Instrument Has Been Sold


Rudolph Wurlitzer spinet in Oak satin

Rutdolph Wurlitzer spinet in oak satin Sorry This Instrument Has Been Sold


Wurlitzer Spinet in Fruitwood satin

Wurlitzer Console in Fruitwood Satin


Wurlitzer Spinet in Mahogany satin

Wurlitzer Console in Mahogany Satin


Kimball Console 434-S in Oak



Cable Spinet in Oak



Cable Spinet in Satin Mahogany

Cable Spinet in mahogany


Henry F. Miller Spinet in Satin Mahogany

Miller Spinet in Mahogany Sorry This Instrument Has Been Sold


Digital Pianos, Electric Pianos and Electronic Organs

Rodgers 700CI Classical Organ in Satin Walnut

Rodgers 700CI Classical Organ


Roland KR-575 Digital Piano in Mahogany

Roland KR-575 Digital Piano



On used pianos that are not on consignment, we can offer in-house financing at competitive interest rates. On instruments over $5,000 or consignment instruments, we offer financing through Synchrony Finance, which specializes in musical instrument financing.

We are constantly acquiring good quality used vertical and grand pianos through trades, and rental returns. If you do not see an instrument you like, give us a call. Please note that all items listed on this page are subject to prior sale and may not still be avilable.