Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic pianos come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and materials. It is helpful to simplify the wide variety of instruments on the market into two basic categories based on physical appearance:

Grand Piano

Grand Pianos, which have their strings parallel to the floor.

Vertical Piano

Vertical Pianos, which have their strings perpendicular to the floor.

We can further divide both grand and vertical pianos based on quality and acoustic performance.

Consumer Grade pianos include those instruments from the entry level to the mid-market and focus on value.

Performance Grade pianos use the finest materials, components, and craftsmanship and are necessarily more expensive.

Based on the brands that we carry the following guidelines for price vs performance can be used:

Acoustic Pianos
Vertical Pianos Grand Pianos Representative Brands We Carry
Consumer-Grade $4,395 - $12,495 $10,395 - $33,995 Wm. Knabe
Performance-Grade $8,395 - $16,495 $19,395 - $147,595 Pramberger Wm. Knabe